Prepare For Spills & Leaks With Spill Kits And A Well-Stocked Supply Cabinet

No matter how efficient your safety procedures or your workforce training, leaks and spills are inevitable in many industrial settings. A smart company is well prepared by having a spill center full of sorbents, along with spill kits that can be strategically placed around the factory or that can be easily dispatched to the site of a spill.

Stocking A Spill Center

For many companies having a spill center or sorbent center is the best way to centralize sorbent products and equipment until they are needed. Products are often kept in modular cabinets or wheeled carts that house rolls, pads, pillows, and other configurations of sorbents along with other necessary supplies. The sorbents should be labeled according to what type of spill they are designed to work on, as placing a pig designed to suck up water on an oil spill will not be effective. Since a worker might access the cabinets quickly to respond to a problem, the labeling should be very clear.

The supply cabinet should also include several types of gloves as well as eye protection and other PPE equipment that might be needed to respond to a spill.

Keeping Spill Kits On Hand

On a job site, there might be areas of the building where the risk of certain spills is great. In this case, having spill kits in a carrying case, ready for the cleanup staff to pick up, allows for quicker response time. Spill kits contain sorbents along with gloves, goggles, and other equipment a worker assigned to clean up might need. What makes this accumulation of supplies a "kit" is that they are housed in a container that will hold the retrieved liquid for proper disposal.

When spills occur, even clean water can do extensive damage in a short time, as well as make for slippery floors that can cause accidents. When oils or hazardous chemicals are involved in this spill, the risks of danger and damage double. Having a kit strategically placed in the right area can minimize risk and damage with quick cleanup and keep your company in compliance with EPA regulations for cleanup and disposal.

Stocking A Sorbent Center Or Spill Kit

In determining the type of sorbent products to have on hand in a cabinet or in a spill kit, it is important to analyze the type of spills you are likely to experience in your facility. You might want a general-purpose kit that contains sorbents that will work on water and water-based liquids and on oils, or get one specifically for oils, water, or hazardous chemicals.

Knowing the size of the spill to expect is crucial to picking the right size spill kit. Small kits can accommodate five gallons spills, there are larger units that can accommodate 95 gallons or more of liquid. A gallon of water weighs about 8.4 pounds. The larger the spill you expect, the more you will need to plan on transporting the filled container on a dolly, cart, or a forklift. Also, the more PPE equipment you will need too, as bigger spills require a larger cleanup crew.

Inventorying Sorbent Supplies

Whether you are talking about a sorbent center or a spill kit, you may experience a common problem of maintenance staff or other workers using sorbent products and equipment for general maintenance, without making sure that the sorbent products are restocked. Certain sorbents are handy in general cleanup and repair tasks, but keeping separate stocks of supplies is a wise idea.

While the maintenance department might request more supplies when they use them, the spill center may not be checked regularly. In case of a spill, you would not want your safety workers to go to the cabinet or kit and find out that the components needed to clean an oil, water, or chemical spill are missing. It is very handy to have portable spill kits in areas subject to spills from oils and solvents, battery acid, hazardous chemicals, and spills of diverse origins, but routinely checking these kits to make sure that supplies have not been diverted elsewhere is the only way to prepare for spills.

Let Spill Monster Fill You Up

Make sure that your spill cabinet and spill kits are ready for use by regularly checking the contents and then ordering the refills you need from Spill Monster. With all our products available online, you can quickly ensure that your facility is ready to meet any emergency. For more information, contact us today.

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